It seems old school is back in and kettlebells are king.  The kettlebell or girya is an exercise tool normally composed of cast iron.  Kettlebells often resemble something like a cannonball with a handle and are used to perform various ballistic type exercises that are a combination of cardiovascular, strength and flexibility training.

Kettlebells From Kettlebells USA Arrive

Our Kettlebells from Kettlebells USA arrived last year 2012.  The Kettlebells we received were two 12kg and one 8kg.  We also have a 16kg, to make a total of 4.  These are some of my favorites called Paradigm Pro Steel Kettlebells.  They are quality all the way.

One really nice thing about ordering from Kettlebell USA is their vast selection of Kettlebells ranging from VTech, METRIXX, Paradigm Pro and others.  The staff there is really knowledgeable and is glad to answer any kettlebell questions you have.

Paradigm Pro Kettlebell Kettlebell USA

Kettlebell USA Packaging

Packaging is a very important to Kettlebells USA and they are serious that when you order a kettlebell from them, it arrives safely.  All mine were packed up so neatly and tight, that they couldn’t bounce around at all.  Each Kettlebell was encased in it’s own Styrofoam container that matched it’s shape.  The container was then taped shut and placed in box that matched it’s dimensions.  The box also had straps around it to make it even more secure.  Needless to say I was impressed.

Kettlebell USA PinkFor those women out there and people who are just starting out, the 8kg and 12kg Paradigm Pro is the perfect solution.  The 8kg comes in light pink and the 12kg comes in light blue.  Kathleen prefers to use the pink because of the weight and let’s be serious, the color.  I am happy to use any of them, but I mostly use the 12kg and 16kg for most exercises.

I find the 8kg is the perfect weight to show new users how to use a Kettlebell and how to perform exercises correctly.

Kettlebells for Swinging

Just swinging a Kettlebell 10 times will make you feel something.

Sometimes the old school ways of working out really give you the best results.  You know the saying “no pain, no gain”, well sometimes that is true and the kettlebell just might give you that pain your looking for.

Today some manufactures are making high end Kettlebells out of steel, like the Paradigm Pro and then coating them with rubber to make them super durable.  One of the reason I prefer the Paradigm pro is the wide handle.  When you’re using two hands, the wider handle makes working with the Kettlebell much easier.

Kettlebells – Manufacturers and Where To Get Them

There are now a ton of manufactures out there who produce the Kettlebells.  Here are a few

  • Premium Cast Iron Kettlebells
  • Paradigm Pro Steel Kettlebells
  • VTech Premium Coated Kettlebells

Definitely check out Kettlebells USA when you’re looking for your next purchase.

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