K2 Pro Longmount Boa Speed Skates Review


K2 Pro Longmount – Speed Freak Heaven

k2skates_2014_pro-longmountSo you think you’re fast and your skates are slowing you down. The K2 Pro Longmount inline skates are designed to give you that extra oomph you have been looking for and are going to boost your speed dramatically. K2 really hit it out of the park with their Longmounts. They are quite literally the most elegant inline skates we have seen or tested, from the 2 BOA speed lacing system, to the great graphics, to the totally rad 100mm wheels. The skates just ooze of speed and beg to be put on and rocketed down the road.

K2 Pro Longmount Overview

  • Low-Cut Carbon Fiber Heat Moldable
  • Closures: Boa Speed Lacing (Guaranteed for Life Against Breaking) Uses Two Boa Speedlacing Closures
  • Frames: K2 Four Hundred Frame (4×100 195mm Frames) Lateral Adjustment
  • Wheels and Bearings: K2 100mm 85A Wheels TwinCam ILQ9 Pro Bearings
  • Brake: No Brake

Longmount Boa Lowdown

Unlike a traditional skate with a high boot profile, the K2 Pro Longmount is engineered for the race purist and offers a low profile cuff-less design.  By eliminating the cuff, the skates free up ankle movement for a much stronger push-off and allow for better technique.  Each boot contains 70% heat-moldable carbon fiber, which by it’s design offers a truly custom fit without the price tag of a custom boot.  The Boa closure system provides a super secure fit that can be adjusted on the fly and by that we mean literally, as you’re skating down the road. http://youtu.be/OCOvb0uway8 The Longmounts come with a set of ILQ-9 Pro bearings (K2’s highest grade racing bearings) and incorporate S-channel rubber shields to protect the bearings from moisture. Each skate includes 4 x 100mm 85A racing wheels.  The setup has a 195mm spacing, which creates a really low center of gravity.

Wait – No Brakes!!!K2 Pro Longmount Boa Inline Skate 1

As with most speed skates, the K2 Pro Longmounts don’t come with a rear brake. I mean really, why would you want to brake if the goal is to go really really fast right…right!  If you don’t feel comfortable without a braking pad, I believe the K2’s brake mount support 100, will fit and allow you to brake like recreational inline skates.

Our Thoughts

K2 was nice enough to send out a pair of the Pro Longmounts and all we can say is WOW. These are an amazing piece of engineering. We absolutely love the styling and clean lines. The Boa closure system works and is so easy to use. If you need to make an adjustment while rolling, no problem, just turn the dial to tighten or pop it out to loosen it. There is some debate as to what the ultimate wheel setup is.

Some people like 4 x 100mm, while others prefer 4 x 110s or a mix of 110’s and 100s and still others like a 5 wheel setup running 83mm or 90mm. We found the 4 x 100mm K2 Pro Longmounts easy to turn with and climb and on the flats, they seemed to really move. The platform was plenty stable and the boots were pretty comfortable right out of the box. Having owned a set of Bonts from the 90’s, this was a pleasant surprise.

Beyond wheels there is also a raging debate on who has the best bearings and what makes them faster.  Needless to say K2 bearings rank up with the best of them and for most mortals they will be more than adequate.

In picking a boot size, K2s are considered true to size.  If you aren’t sure, just send K2 your foot measurements they will size you properly.  We haven’t had the need to take advantage of the heat-moldable carbon fiber boots yet, since ours fit almost to a tee.  For those that do need some molding adjustment, you have that option.

Price can certainly be a sicking point for many and at a retail price of $750 a pair, the Pro Longmounts are pretty expensive.  Rollerblade’s high end Racemachine 110 retails for $660 and usually can be found for considerably less on sale.  Bont, another high end manufacture of inline racing skates offers theirs starting around K2’s price point and go up, so realistically K2’s are pretty reasonable for what you get.

Other than price, the only real negative we could find is people being jealous of us as we skated by them.  OK so I am being a little funny here.  I did notice a little bit of rubbing on the back side of my leg near my ankle.  We will have to skate some more sessions and see if this is more of a boot issue or maybe it’s just using the wrong socks.

We did run across a few speed skaters who were wearing the Rollerblade Racemachine 110s.  I told them we were doing a review on the K2 Pro Longmount.  They looked at us a little strange, because I guess they didn’t get the memo that K2 had a pretty awesome inline racing skate.

Ultimately your choice in skates could simply come down to color selection.  We feel however the K2 Pro Longmounts do everything a speed skate should do and do it with style and flair.  Something that is hard to come by and certainly hard to maintain given all the competition.

Check out the cool K2 Pro Longmount at K2’s website for more information.


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