It’s Hip To Be Square


Recently we received some interesting square liquid containers from Clean-Bottle, a company that specializes in making water bottles that open from both ends. What’s striking about these liquid containers is they’re…square, well and the fact that they have 2 openings.

While reviewing these bottles I couldn’t help, but think back to Huey Lewis and The News song “It’s Hip To Be Square”.  Like many songs that get suck in your head, this one stuck.

Why Square?

I have to think that it helps Clean-Bottle Square’s stand out in a crowded space of traditional rounded bottles. Additionally the Square feature prevents the bottles from rolling about should they drop or be placed on their sides.

Why Two Openings?

Having two openings means easier access for cleaning the bottle. Anyone who has ever used fitness bottles to store liquid, knows that they can get pretty funky if left alone for a while. Two openings also allows for accessories like the water filter and fruit infuser.

What Do You Get?

Clean-Bottle provided 2 of their newest Square Bottle designs plus 2 of their Square Bottle accessories including a water filter and a fruit infuser.

Square Bottle Overview

  • BPA-free Tritron plastic
  • 25 oz, dishwasher safe
  • Opens from both ends
  • Accepts accessories (water filter and fruit infuser)
  • Guaranteed for Life
  • 5 Tritron plastic color options
  • Stainless Steel option
  • Retails for $11.99 (Plastic) or $44 (Stainless Steel)

Square Bottle Clean-BottleAs you can see the bottles open both from the top and bottom.

Square Bottle Clean Bottle Infuser Filter
You can add either the filter or the fruit infuser to any Square Bottle.  What is cool about the fruit infuser is you can add your favorite fruits and it will give water that fruity flavor.  When you are finished drinking, you can add more water or just eat the fruit inside.  The charcoal filter allows you to fill your bottle with tap water, filtering it as it goes in.

Overall Impression

For Anyone looking for a nice liquid holder, Square is definitely a good choice.  It’s easy to carry and fits into most cup holders.

I didn’t find the bottles any easier to clean than any of our round bottles.  The one benefit would be maybe faster drying since you can remove both end caps.  The bottles we were sent weren’t dual lined, so they didn’t keep liquids cool for very long and probably wouldn’t be a good choice in places where it’s hot.  Clean-Bottle does have a stainless steel option, but I believe that is still single lined, so you would run into the same problem with keeping the liquids cool.

For me, the charcoal filter was too slow in filtering the water and since I have filtered water at home I probably wouldn’t want that accessory.  The fruit infuser however was sort of cool.  It definitely works and keeps the fruit where it needs to be.  It’s a pretty neat option and allows you to carry fruit for eating after the workout.

The price point for the plastic Square Bottle is very reasonable, at $11.99.  I thought the $44 for the stainless steel was a little steep, especially if it is only single lined.

To get more information about the Square Bottle and Clean-Bottle, check out their website.


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