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IsoStrength LiteIsoStrength ( is a family of products that are the cutting edge in stretching and strengthening technology.  This family of products were invented by Dr. Ehsan Khademi as a result of his experiences treating thousands of patients and athletes over the past twenty years as a Doctor of Chiropractic.

The IsoStrength products line are designed to be an easily portable strengthening and stretching systems, which allow users to achieve a full body workout or stretching routine without the need of a gym or athletic facility.  The products are perfect for traveling and can be packed up conveniently in any suitcase or backpack.

With the assistance of Complete Body, you can perform Isometric or Isotonic routines depending on your workout regimen.

IsoStrength LiteHere I am using the IsoStrength Lite, which is a complete body stretch device allowing a user to isolate various muscle groups in both the upper and lower body. I really love the way the unit is designed and it certainly makes it easy to stretch out those quads and hamstrings.

A few weeks back I attended an expo known as “The Running Event”.  One of the exhibitors was Dr. Ehsan Khademi of IsoStrength.  I took one look at his products and knew he had created something really special.  Each product is extremely well thought out and designed and very aesthetically pleasing.  Currently Dr. Khademi has 2 types of stretch products (Travel & Lite) and 2 strength products (Complete Body & Cardio Balance Bar).

Before finding the IsoStrength products, I would typically use a climbing rope.  The Lite is unique because it combines a flat rope with shock cord technology.  The shock cord fools the stretch reflex of your body’s defense mechanism, allowing you to stretch further.   The Lite is also a closed loop design, which makes it easier to perform a stretch correctly.

I found the Lite makes stretching much more enjoyable and easier to do.  Having the shock cord really seems improve the ability to stretch further during each stretching session.

The Lite Retails for $29.95 and can be purchased from


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