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Hugger Mugger Yoga Bolster

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Ah Yoga bolsters.  Let me tell you, it’s a tough job to review bolsters, to get into relaxing positions and test out products that are meant to enhance our deep levels of well being.  Life is so hard.  🙂  Seriously though, who doesn’t like it when the teacher tells you to grab a bolster or two?   Back in the day, the yoga bolsters I used were always heavy and a bit cumbersome. Don’t get me wrong, I liked it when I had to get my bolster, but I remember them as being heavy, really heavy. Not Hugger Mugger bolsters!  Well, the Hugger Mugger yoga bolster is new for me. The company Hugger Mugger has been around since 1986. They know their product and they care about how they make it.  These guys have values!  They’re a company who cares about their clients, the environment and their employees.  Who wouldn’t want to support that!  Their bolsters are made from organic fabrics of simple and tasteful style.  The inside filling is made of buckwheat hulling fibers.  This makes the bolsters firm and light in weight.   I also want to mention that these bad boys are also HANDMADE in the USA (in Utah to be specific).

What are the Benefits of using a Yoga Bolster?

  • Support and Restore muscles, joints, and tendons
  • Aides in deeper relaxation and healing
  • Helps to assist in deeper opening and stretching

Ever Try Restorative Yoga?  These classes are pretty amazing!  Bolsters are plentiful in a restorative yoga class.  The goal is to get the body as supported and comfortable so that you can release and relax more deeply.

Is one yoga bolster enough?

hugger mugger yoga bolsters

Good question.  One bolster is always great to have on hand, but having a variety of sizes well help you find just the support you need.  I have the standard bolster and a junior bolster.  The standard is a great one to start off with.  It’s firm and sits about 6 inches high, 11 inches wide and 27 inches long.  The Junior bolster is about 4 inches high, 8 inches wide and 26 inches long.  There is another one that I highly recommend; and that is the Pranayama Pillow.  This is similar to the Junior bolster except it sits even lower to the ground.  I don’t have it pictured because I haven’t ordered it yet, but I’ve used it many times at some studios I teach at.  It’s the perfect size to place behind your knees while kneeling and sitting your weight onto it… think calf muscle massage… hurt so good!

If you decide to build up your own restorative practice at home, get several bolsters of varying sizes so you can be supported for various poses.

Hugger Mugger







Standard Bolster: I like to use it for sitting upright especially if I’m straddling the bolster.  huggermuggerkneeling











Standard or Junior Bolster:  I use this under my knees again while in Savasana.  (Standard bolster seen in photo)yoga bolster for savasana











I’m thrilled to say that I’m a proud owner of the Standard and the Junior; and I’m excited to announce that I’m trying for a third!  The Pranayama Pillow.  Yes, these bolsters are my babies right now 🙂













Recap of Hugger Mugger Bolsters:

  • Standard Bolster:  $72.95 – $82.95
  • Junior Bolster:  $64.95 – $86.95
  • Pranayama Pillow:  $45.95 – $55.95
  • Handmade in the USA
  • Buckwheat Hull Fibers for the Filling
  • Light Weight

*A Percentage of all their online sales also go to charities several times throughout the year.  My website does not have direct links or associations with Hugger Mugger other than simply liking their product and reviewing it.  Check out Hugger Mugger for direct sales and inquiries.


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