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Freeline Skates – The new age of skateboarding

Looking to do something fun and different this summer.  Well look no further than picking up a set of the Freeline Skates (  The Freeline OG skates retail for $149.00, which is pretty inexpensive compared to other sports and equipment.  I would suggest also adding a helmet and probably some type of rollerblade wrist guards for those crashes that will occur.  The learning curve on Freeline skates is relatively low, so beginners should be skating in no time.  Freeline skates don’t require special shoes, so just about any shoe will work.

Freeline skates were invented by Ryan Farrelly, a lifelong snow boarder, surfer and downhill skate boarder. Ryan first began tinkering with building a better downhill board as an engineering student at the University of San Diego. A few years later, he was back in his hometown of San Francisco, bombing down hills with his friends, and still thinking about what his “next ride” would be. As he was building a new downhill board, it suddenly hit him that he didn’t need the board at all, but could ride down the hill on the trucks alone with two wheels inline under each foot for an awesome new sideways ride. In 2003, Freeline was born and the first skates were sold to the public in late 2005.

Freeline skates feature dual independent skates, with two custom “wide” Freeline wheels on each skate, one in front of the other, that are ridden with a sideways and perpendicular stance. Freeline skates emulate the “carving” movement common to surf and snow boards, and the circular movement and tricks seen with skateboards, at a fraction of the cost of those sports. The individual Freeline skates, when ridden together, produce exceptional speed, agility, and natural self-propulsion, allowing for uphill motion. Freeline skates ride faster than many skateboards, inline skates, scooters and most bicycles.

The dual skates’ cutting-edge design creates an exciting, new street or skate park riding experience through a faster and more dynamic means of downhill and uphill skating. Riders can achieve high levels of traction and carve smooth “S” turns while riding downhill, or switch to an undulating motion to quickly and efficiently propel on flat ground or uphill. These attributes also make Freeline skates an ideal cross-training companion to surfing, snowboarding, skateboarding, inline skates and a variety of other sports.

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  1. Freeline Rado on

    Great article! Best ride on four wheels! Everybody needs a pair! The freedom on Freelines is unmatched by any board or skates! Colorado team Freeline Rado!

    • Omar Bagent on

      I had a pair of freeline grom ,just to try it out. They are great take them everywhere I go. Everyone notice them, and always have good things to say about them. I’m planning on buying these but to expensive. So I started searching the Internet for cheap ones. A website called, look up freeline skates have. Most of them are under $100. Really cheap. Takes a while to be shipped but for that price it is worth it.

  2. I bought Groms and love them. I grew up on a skateboard and have snowboarded. Now, I am almost 30. . and dont want to look like a tool in the financial district moving people outta my way on a skateboard. Freelines are like gliding, the range of movement is exhilarating! I carve between people and obstacles. I take them everywhere and throw them in my backpack at work! My girlfriend got the new “Pro model,” and I just ordered the OG’s. Great hobby, good reason to get outta the house!

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