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FitterFirst Extreme Balance BoardFitterfirst Extreme Balance Board
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The Fitterfirst Extreme Balance Board is one of those balance boards that could easily get overlooked.  It isn’t as sexy or flashy or displays cool graphics, but what it lacks in sex appeal, it makes up for in pure genius and functionality.  When we first unwrapped our Extreme Balance Board, we weren’t convinced that it would be anything special.  You know that saying don’t judge a book by it’s cover, well that certainly applies here.

The board consists of a wooden deck (durable birch) and an a polyurethane fulcrum unit to balance on.  At the base of the fulcrum is a non-slip tread, providing ample traction when balancing back and forth.  The polyurethane unit has 2 holes/rings also made from polyurethane for wooden pegs to be inserted.  These pegs are used to increase or decrease the difficulty level.  The polyurethane rings can also be removed (by unscrewing the bolts) making the board even more challenging. Beginners will want to have the wooden pegs installed.  After a few sessions on the board, removing the pegs will allow for more side-to-side motion, making it much more difficult to balance on.  The top of the board has non slip tape, which provides plenty of traction when using bare feet or shoes.

Since the fulcrum is made from polyurethane, it does flex a little, which certainly increases the challenge when trying to balance.  The board will rock both side to side as well as back to front.  Maintaining balance on the board requires a lot of coordination that can be achieved through practice and continued use.  If you plan on traveling with your Fitterfirst Extreme Balance Board, make sure the wooden pegs are secure by popping them out or keeping an eye on them.

The board is designed to train your balance, proprioception, stability, coordination, ankle and knee strength, and core power.   It also helps to stretch and strengthens the ligaments and tendons in the legs.

Low Down

Retail: $179.95
Dimensions: 10″x 30″

Bottom Line

The Fitterfirst Extreme Balance Board is certainly more complex than many of the traditional balance boards on the market.  Where many boards simply rely on a roller, the Extreme uses a polyurethane fulcrum, which can be tailored and adjusted for difficulty level.  Since the board is 10″x 30″, there is plenty of room for maneuverability.  We found the board much safer to use since it didn’t rely on a roller and the potential for a roll-out wipe-out (Say that 10 times fast).  We would highly recommend this type of balance board in a gym setting over the traditional balance boards.

The only downside we could find was the potential for peg loss during transport.  It is very easy to forget about the pegs and they can possibly pop off at some point.

Check Fitterfirst and their Fitterfirst Extreme Balance Board.


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