Fitter First Soft Board Review


Fitter First Soft Board Review

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving.” ~ Albert Einstein

fitter first soft balance-boards

Why is balance so important? 

Unless we are ballerinas, tight rope walkers or uber athletes, balance can easily be taken for granted.  We might not give much notice to our balance until it’s too late and we slip or fall and get injured.

What are the benefits of Balance Training?

Propreoception.  “The unconscious perception of movement and spatial orientation arising from stimuli within the body itself. In humans, these stimuli are detected by nerves within the body itself, as well as by the semicircular canals of the inner ear.”  Essentially, your propreoception shows you or gives you sensory feedback of your spatial awareness.  If you stand on one foot your will feel the feedback from within your feet and the wobbliness of your ankles.  If you close your eyes and try to balance, you will most likely be more challenged, but you will still feel your foot and leg working hard to find balance.  With practice you can greatly improve your balance, strength and coordination in your daily movements.

No matter your level of expertise, balance training helps reduce risk of injury and can improve your overall lifestyle.  Tools and balance equipment are not necessary for balance training.  You can easily and simply practice balance exercises just by standing or sitting.  However, practicing with a balance board or other balance tool can help challenge as well as refine some of your balance drills.  Fitter First has several balance boards designed for various levels of practice.

Fitter First Soft Board offers three levels of practice.  Beginner, Intermediate rocker and advanced.  I have been testing out (on myself as well as with some of my Pilates and movement therapy clients) the beginner board as well as the advanced board.

Fitter First Soft Boards:

Beginner Balance Board

begginer softboard-balance-boardsThe beginner balance board has four foam posts at the corners.  These posts are fairly solid and gives a little wobble feedback as you stand or balance on it.  I think this board is great for clients who struggle with balancing but are strong enough to step up onto it.  To challenge yourself on this board, you can perform various exercises such as squats or single leg standing.  Planks and lunges are some other good exercises to practice on this board.  This is a pretty safe balance board with no major surprises.

The other board I tested out is the Advanced balance soft board from Fitter First.  fitterfirstadvancesoftboardThis board provides a significant amount of challenge.  It has one large foam cylinder at the center of its base.  Stepping up and standing on it is not as easy as I thought it would be.  I think the peaceful blue color and that it is made of foam made me think that these boards would not be difficult.  I was WRONG with this advanced board.  My propreoception abilities were put to work as I practiced standing drills and even plank to push up drills.  The foam cylinder base is firm enough to have support, but soft enough to challenge you with leaning into all directions.  You will be in constant balancing motion on this board.  My only concern with this board is the longevity of the foam cylinder base.  It seems pretty solid and durable; yet as with all balance boards, the base can ware out after a great deal of practice.  It is still a worthy investment and certain to last a long time.  Fitter First also makes wooden balance boards at various levels of challenge.  See other Fitter First Balance Board Reviews.

Features of Fitter First Soft Boards:

  • Enhance balance, coordination and overall agility. 
  • Improve proprioception and reduces risk of sports injuries. 
  • Increase ankle and lower leg strength. 
  • Core strength awareness

Prices and Dimensions of Fitter First Soft Boards:

Beginner Board is 60×39 x 10 cm with 4 legs.  Price is $139.95

Advanced Board is 60×39 x 10 cm with 1 leg.  Price is $119.95

Check out Fitter Firsts website for more details on all the various boards and Fitter First Soft Boards that they offer.


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