Exposure Strada MK.3 – Cycle Light Review


The Exposure Strada Mk.3

Exposure StradaThe Exposure Strada is a brilliant cycling light setup in both form and function. The unit comes with a beautiful padded light case for storage when the Strada is not being used. You will need a 4mm hex key to attach the accompanying Exposure QR bracket to a bike’s handle bar, but once on, it stays. The bracket has a red quick release pin, which when pulled, makes attaching or removing the light a snap. At first I wasn’t quite sure about the brackets functionality, but after using it, I can tell you it is extremely sound and thus far is probably the best quick release bracket I have used.

The Strada also comes with a Remote Switch and USB compatible charger.  The remote switch is perfect if you want to have another light switch location on the bike.  Thus far I haven’t found the need for the remote switch, so probably will not use it.

The estimated charging time for the Strada MK.3 is about 8 hours.  The light can be charged using the accompanying power cord and a computer’s USB or via a wall jack.

The Exposure Strada puts out an amazing 645 Lumens, which was pretty much unheard of a few years back for a stand alone unit.  The unit comes with a 5200 mAh Lithium Ion battery.  The estimated burn time is about 3 hrs on High (645 Lumens Setting) and 8hrs on Dip (Low Light Setting).  The unit itself is made from CNC machined aerospace grade aluminum and is super efficient at heat transfer.  After riding, I have been able to hold the light without any real noticeable heat.

Since testing the Strada, I found that I was able to ride my night time rides (1.5 hours), without having to switch to a lower light setting.  This is definitely a huge positive for me.  Most night time cyclists or commuters are not going to go past 2 hours, so not having to switch to a lower light mode because of batter life is pretty sweet.

The Strada MK.3 also comes with a battery fuel gauge.  After 2 seconds, the function button, which is located at the back of the light, displays a color indicator corresponding to battery life.

  • Green (50% – 100%)
  • Amber (25% – 49%)
  • Red (5% – 24%)
  • Flashing Red (Empty – 4%).

The Strada Mk.3 is manufactured in the UK, which while not the US, makes me much happier than if it was manufactured in China.  I have a soft spot in my heart for the Brits.  I guess that is why I drive a Mini Cooper (2005), which back then were made in the UK.


  • Weight: 228g with mount and switch
  • Output: 645 Lumens
  • Emitter: 2 X Cree XPG R5
  • Functions: High beam / Low beam (angled toward road) / Flashing
  • Burn Times: 3 hr / 10hrs days!
  • Dimensions: Diameter at widest point 45mm/ Length 107mm


  • Includes Quick release handlebar mount compatible with all bar diameters
  • Includes switch for easy hands on bar control of high and low beam
  • Fully sealed against the elements
  • Cable Free – Fully contained design
  • Lithium-ion rechargeable battery
  • Fuel Gauge battery life indicator and light level indicator
  • Emergency reserve fuel tank
  • Accepts Smart Port Technology accessories such as Red Eye rear light.
  • Sophisticated CNC machined alloy body, anodized and laser etched for tough durability
  • Comes with branded protective zip up storage case.
  • Exclusive USA compatible 2 pin Smart charger with charge level indicator.

More Information on the LED technology used by Exposure Lights

Exposure Lights jumped into the light business in 2005 just when LED technology was Exposure Strada MK.3in it’s infancy and the revolution in lighting technology began.

The Strada uses two Cree XPG R5 LEDs. The Cree XPG R5 is a more refined, higher quality LED. It keeps the same great beam patterns and colour temperature but the light has an additional 7-10% output over previous year’s models. The LED is quoted at about 325 Lumens.

Exposure Lights use collimated Lens technology. These high-tech resin lenses are specifically designed to optimise light collection from each LED. A great deal of time is invested in research to ensure the optimal beam and output is achieved.

Some new features for the 2012 year models include

  • Intelligent Thermal Management (ITM) – NEW for 2012  New patented technology combats the loss in efficiency of LEDs at elevated temperatures, maintaining optimum output keeping you shining ‘Brighter for Longer’.
  • Gold plated charge port – NEW for 2012  The charge port is now gold plated for more efficient conductivity and it is sealed to a greater level.
  • Storm Cap for Smart Port – NEW for 2012  The Smart Port now has a silicone cover to stop muddy gloves pushing dirt into the port.

The Exposure Strada Light can be purchased in the US either from IBEX Sports http://ibexsports.com or one of their growing list of retailers and retails for $349. You can find out all about the Exposure Strada Mk.3 and others from Exposure Lights (http://www.exposurelights.com)

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