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Today we are introducing a new category called ETTNHotPicks, which will contain cool products we haven’t reviewed, but would love to.

1st up is a cool product by Manduka called the Go Roam messenger bag.  We were visiting Whole Earth Provisions here in Austin and they had a few of these cool Manduka yoga mat carrying bags.  We have several different yoga bags, but none are really designed for cycling.  The Go Roam looks like the perfect bag for this.

Go-Roam-Manduka Yoga Bag

Next we were really intrigued by a bright orange knife from Benchmade called the Triage Rescue Knife. It’s essentially a safety knife for first responders and anyone who owns and operates a vehicle. You always hear those stories of people getting trapped in their cars because either they can not break the windshield or remove their seat belts. Well this knife comes with both a glass breaker known as a tungsten carbide tip and rescue hook strap cutter, used for cutting any type of strap like a seat belt. (Retails $175 – $190)

Benchmade 915 Knife

Today’s cycling shoes are so much better than they have ever been. No better example comes to mind than the Vittoria HORA EVO. Vittoria’s top of the line road cycling shoe. We have reviewed the Vittoria HORA cycling shoe and really love it, but it appears Vittoria has upped their game a bit with the EVO. It’s lighter and appears more breathable. There are 3 color selections included florescent yellow, black and white. Of course if you want to make a statement, you have to go for the florescent yellow. These shoes will certainly set you back a bit (Retails $459.99), but will probably last you a ton of cycling season’s, looking better than ever.

Vitoria Hova Evo


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