ETTNHotPicks – August 2014 #1


Looking for that perfect gift for your cycling sweetheart. How about a wickedly cool ring that looks like a seat clamp. The clamp style ring is by a company called Drilling Lab.  Not only is the ring cool, but the packaging is very inspiring.  Chen Lu Wei, the founder, also has other inventive concepts.

Drilling Lab Jewelry 3 Drilling Lab Ring Drilling Lab Ring Packaging

From cycling rings to cycling jerseys.  While doing a little research on Rapha Cycling apparel, we wanted to know who also made great cycling jerseys for less.  So far we have found 2 companies whose jerseys are less than half the price of Rapha, yet still maintain both the quality and feel of old school cycling. Torm and Road Holland both incorporate what is known as a 39%/61% Merino wool polyester blend. This seems to be the magic percentage for incorporating wool with poly that both wicks moisture (wool) and rapidly evaporates (polyester) sweat.  Other companies that might also fit the bill include Howies, Velobici, Shutt Velo Rapide, Cafe Du Cycliste,

TORM T11 Jersey

Road Holland Utrecht 2

Road Holland Utrecht

In keeping with the cycling theme today,  how about a really cool bag to house all your gear while riding and doing it with style.  Of course this bag is so cool, you will want to wear it as much off bike as on.

It’s called the Islington Rucksack by Brooks and it features innovative shoulder straps, which can be easily adjusted to stabilize the bag whilst riding. This can be achieved by either crossing both straps diagonally over the chest, or alternatively securing one of the straps laterally around the waist.  The fabric is made from water resistant Cotton and vegetable tanned leather from Europe.


Here is a company you probably haven’t heard of called Knog.  They hail from Australia and absolutely love cycling lights.  Deriving the Knog name from a bastardised form of the British/Aussie slang expression for brains, noggin, folks like our Uncle Bob or first prof would often cut our ideas down with “use your bloomin’ noggin!”. So turning their naysaying around and shortening noggin to nog they gave it the silent, stealthy ‘K’ to make the products kick.  We quite like what they have don.

Knog Bliders


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