Crossfit Lingo, A quick Overview


CrossfitLike medical school, CrossFit has it’s own words, phrases and acronyms.   New beginners to CrossFit scene might be a little lost at first when they hear various phrases being bantered about.   This article is intended as a reference to help those who are new to CrossFit or thinking about doing CrossFit.

Below are some of the most frequently used words and phrases in CrossFit.

Typical words and phrases

  • Box:  A CrossFit gym or center, In the beginning many CrossFit gyms started out as a garage or storage building, hence the name “box”
  • Breakdowns: Sometimes CrossFit participants are not strong enough or have enough stamina to do the full workout at one time, so they do subsets, aka “breakdowns.”
    :  CrossFit. This should be quite so obvious!
  • CFWU:  CrossFit Warm-up, the official. Usually it involves three rounds of dips, pull-ups, samson stretch, back extension, etc.
  • The Girls: WODs with girls’ names.  Oh and if you think these are easy, think again.
  • The Heroes: Recent benchmark WODs, each “Hero” WOD is named after a CrossFitter who have died in combat (military, police, CIA, etc.)
  • Goat:  Goat them! Not the animal, but an exercise. It basically is a killer workout that really hurts.
  • Paleo: Stone Age diet. The diet that is “pushed” by CrossFit.
  • Rep: Repetition is one iteration of a movement.
  • WOD: Workout of the Day.
  • WU: Warm-up.
  • X-Fit: nickname for CrossFit.
  • The Zone: A diet designed by Barry Sears that is still part of the CrossFit Level 1 certification, but the Paleo diet seems to be gaining ground and probably will replace it.

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