Chiropractic Care for the Athlete


Chiropractic Care – An Athlete’s Secret Weapon

chiropracticChiropractic care is the fastest growing trend among elite athletes in the world. During this summer’s 2012 Olympic Games in London, England many could see pictures and videos of Olympic Athletes being treated by Doctors of Chiropractic.

How does Chiropractic improve performance and prevent injury?

Quite simply Chiropractic works with the spine and extremity joints in the body and with the nervous system. When the joints in the body go out of alignment they put endangering stress and pressure on not only our nerves but our ligaments, and muscles.

Our nervous system controls and coordinates all functions in the body. When the nervous system is under stress it has a big effect on how our body is performing and functioning.  We know that because when we are under physical, emotional, or chemical stress our body is more likely to get sick or feel run down.  Current medical research has shown that 85-90% of disease processes in the human body are due to some form of stress.

How does stress affect the athlete?

Usain Bolt getting a Chiropractic AdjustmentUsain Bolt, the fastest man alive from Jamaica, utilizes Chiropractor care not only to perform better but to prevent injury and hit maximum warp with his running.  He sees a Chiropractor not only for aches and pains but because he knows that if he doesn’t get adjusted he will literally slow down. Athletes are under a tremendous amount of stress to perform and excel in sports and chiropractic helps the body to adapt and respond quickly to any changes in the environment.

Research with functional MRI’s has shown that Chiropractic adjustments increase the efficiency of the brains ability to deal with stress. They found increased neuroplasticity in areas of the body responsible for stress management.  (1)

How does Chiropractic differ from physical therapy, massage, and other manual therapies?

Chiropractors addresses the whole person. The focus of chiropractic is to maximize nerve supply and joint function and allow the body to adapt change and grown. Physical therapy is very effective at working with the muscles and joints but most physical therapy is focused on one area of the body. Massage therapy focuses on the muscles but if the joints and ligaments are damaged the muscles can continue to have problems even after the muscle spasms are reduced.

What types of Athletes use Chiropractic?

An Olympic Athlete Getting Adjusted.Here are some quotes from athletes utilizing Chiropractic care.

“You obviously cannot compete at your fullest if you are not in alignment and your body cannot heal itself properly if your spine is not in alignment,” says Dan O’Brien, Olympic Decathlete.

“Chiropractic has really helped me to keep my body in line to help my body recover,” says Chris Carter of the Minnesota Vikings.

“Chiropractic has helped keep me injury free – that is half the trick to staying in competition,” says Lee Labrada, Mr. Universe.

“The best way to use Chiropractic is not only after injuries, but before they occur,” according to Arnold Schwarzsenegger, seven times Mr. Olympia.

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  1. Kent C, Vernon L: “Case Studies In Chiropractic MRI.” Chapter 2, page 23. International Chiropractors Association. Arlington, VA. 1998.

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