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Brute Force Sandbag PinkBrute Force Sandbag Review

If you’re looking to get serious with your training, you might want to check out a Brute Force Sandbag.   Sandbags are the prefect tool to add to your strength & conditioning program.  The reason why sandbags are so good to use is because of the unstable nature of the load.   Sandbags replicate real-world movements that require both strength and balance. They build functional capacity that can be applied to most sports and exercise regiments.

Why Brute Force Sandbags?

Sure you can make your own sandbags with a canvas bag and some filler, but the design and build of the Brute Force Sandbags is total quality.  These ultimate sandbags come with a zippered outer shell and a set of filler bags.  There are two types of bags to choose from, Athlete, (holds 10-70lbs and comes with 2 Double Velcro 10-45lb filler bags) and the Strongman (holds 0-120lbs and comes with 3 Double Velcro 10-45lb filler bags).  The Sandbag outer shell is made from 1000D Mil-Spec Cordura, which is really tough and will hold up to a lot of abuse.  The filler bags are really sturdy and come with double 1000D Mil-Spec Velcro enclosures.

The advantage of using the Strongman bag, is since there are 3 bags you can fill them with different weights and add the filler bags as needed.  Most women should probably opt for the Athlete, since not a lot of weight needs to be used to get an effective workout.  To add or remove a filler bag is easy as sliding the zipper, adding and removing the inner bags.

Each sandbag comes with 8 handles, which provide plenty of gripping locations to do any sandbag exercise.  The outer shell zipper can be housed in the zipper compartment, so as to not catch on cloths.

Brute Force Sand Bag Competition

There are a few competitors out there to the Brute Force including Ultimate Sandbag and SKLZ Super Sandbag.  Both the Ultimate Sandbag and the SKLZ Super Sandbag have hard rubber handles, which might be preferable to some.

Brute Force decided to not go the route of hard rubber handles because the handles might interfere with some of the  more traditional sandbag routines where hugging the bag might be employed.

A Brute Force Sandbag ranges in price from $127 (Athlete) to $147 (Strongman).

Check out the Brute Force Sandbag website for more information

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  1. I am 5′ 6″, 150 tall and 150 lbs. I want to buy a sandbag. Which one do you suggest (I am not a tall guy or even a bodybuilder) The Brute Force or the Ultimate Sandbag.

  2. Tom Crandall

    Hi Carlos,

    I have both the Ultimate and Brute Force Sandbags and you can’t go wrong with either bag. It really boils down to taste. The Ultimate Sandbag has the rubber handles, which I think are easier to grab. If your doing the traditional sandbag moves where you are basically bear hugging the bag, you might prefer the Brute Force. Both bags will hold up to a lot of abuse. At 150, I would opt for the Brute Force (Athlete) or the Ultimate (Power Package). You will save some money if you opt for the Ultimate Sandbag. Their website has it for $99 right now.

      • Tom Crandall

        Hi Dylan,

        The Sklz sandbag brand looks good and has good reviews, so I would think it would fair well against the other two. Based on the pictures, it looks like a pretty sturdy sandbag.

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