Brooks Silver Bullet Jacket Review


Brooks Silver Bullet Jacket

Silver Bullet Jacket – The Cold Killer

Just received the new running Silver Bullet Jacket from Brooks.  The jacket consists of a lightweight aluminum membrane material, which helps retain heat during cooler morning runs.  The outer shell is both windproof and water-resistant.  There are 4 vents, 2 on the front and 2 in the rear that helps with moisture transfer and breathability.  The jacket has 3 pockets, one of which is designed for a phone or ipod and is designed to be moisture proof.  The jacket is designed for colder climates and cooler runs where the temperatures are 40 degrees and below.

The Silver Bullet Jacket is designed to provide warmth while running without the need to add extra layers beyond a base layer and a mid layer.  It has cool cozy cuffs with thumb holes and flip-mitt to add extra warmth to your hands when first starting out or through the entire run.

I haven’t asked Brooks, but I am assuming that the name “Silver Bullet Jacket” has a double meaning.  It refers Brooks Silver Bullet Jacketthe aluminum aluminum membrane material, but also to how well it does in the cold, effectively killing cold temperatures.

Here in Texas I am still waiting for the temps to fall, so it has been hard to really put this jacket to the cold weather test.  I searched all over the net and read quite a lot of reviews.  Overall people really seem impressed on how warm the jacket keeps them while running.  They are also very impressed on how light weight it is.

I received a size large which seems to fit very well for the most part.  I do think the arm length could be a bit shorter.  When riding a bike, the arm length seemed just fine, but when running it seems slightly longer than I am used to.  The air vents certainly did their job while cycling as I could feel a breeze coming through them.   When running of course you don’t have as much airflow, so they probably don’t cool you off as much.

I wasn’t able to put this jacket through the rain maker test, simply because it never seems to rain here in Austin.  The same can be said for snow and sleet.  Again, Austin is just too warm to see this stuff, unless we get lucky and then the whole town shuts down.

Overall I would rate the Silver Bullet Jacket as a really great running jacket for those who live in cooler climates.  I am not sure if this would be my ultimate choice for places like Austin, since it really only gets cold for about six weeks and never seems to rain.

You are going to pay a premium for the Silver Bullet Jacket, since the price tag is $150, but for those who live in a cold climate it is money well spent.

Check out Brooks website for more information on the Silver Bullet Jacket.

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