BodyRock.TV Rocks with Zuzana

There is a fantastic website out there called BodyRock.TV. Zuzana is what I consider an extreme fitness athlete, who has created fantastic workout videos and fitness content. The BodyRock.TV workouts usually consist of about 12 minutes of high intensity exercise. The BodyRock.TV video workouts are hardcore and Zuzana explains everything you need to do the workouts as well as what equipment Zuzana uses. The BodyRock.TV website is a treasure trove of information on fitness workouts, fitness tips and exercise challenges.

Watching Zuzana really tear it up in her videos will definitely get you pumped to start exercising. If you already exercise, Zuzana will definitely make you want to push your limits and become as fit as her.

BodyRock.TV Exercise Equipment Used By Zuzana

OK yeah I am a guy and consider myself a Body Rocker. Yep BodyRock.TV isn’t just for women.  The exercises Zuzana does are great for both men and women.  I love a quick short workout that gets right to the point.  Exercising doesn’t have to take hours and it certainly doesn’t have to involve the gym.  Working out from home can be a huge time saver as well as a money saver.

If you really want to get the most out of the exercises, you should get yourself a medicine ball, a jump rope, a sandbag and a dip station.  I would also advise picking up a pullup bar, a kettle bell and a set up dumbbells.  Once you have all that equipment, you’re ready to do just about any exercise they throw at you.

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