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This year EndTheTrendNow set out to do something pretty special.  The task was to do a SurfZone Balance Boardcomprehensive balance board review and determine who had the Best Balance Board.  This was no small task since we were starting from scratch.  We really didn’t know much about the balance board industry or who the big name players where.

Like most things these days we turned to the internet to in search of balance board companies who we felt were good candidates for a comparison review.  Once we had a list of companies, we started an email campaign to contact each company and ask for review samples.  This turned out better than expected and we achieved our main goal to get a ton of balance boards to review.

The following companies provide help in formulating our research.

We would like to give a special thanks and shout out to Fitterfirst and Wonkyboard who went out of their way to provide us with multiple boards.  Fitterfirst was especially awesome in that they provided us with 5 boards, all of which were really unique.

Companies we would have also liked in our review, but couldn’t contact or didn’t send us a board were.

We may have overlooked a few balance board companies, but we feel we had samples of some of the best.

Balance boards fall into several categories and we will discuss each.

Rocker Board
Rocker boards only move in two directions either front to back or side-to-side, FitterFirst Extreme Balance Boardsort of like a see-saw.  These tend to be easier than wobble boards and are good starting points for people just learning to balance or for specific drills that require limited balancing movements.

Note: Although we categorized the Fitterfirst Extreme Balance Board in the Rocker Board category, it really stands out as a unique design and really should have it’s own category, but we aren’t quite sure what to call it.

Roller Board
Roller boards usually come in two shapes, rectangle and oval.  The boards Vew-Do Balance Boardbalance on top of a cylinder usually referred to as a roller or rock.  Depending on stance, the user can rock or roll front to back or side to side, by tipping the board in either direction.  Lately many innovative balance board companies have shaped their rollers to include the abiliy to tip the board or carve the board on it’s side while balancing.

Wobble Board
Wobble boards are typically round with a small half dome on the bottom, which the user balances on.   fitterfirst wobble boardThere is minimal ground contact, allowing the board to move freely in all directions.  Normally these boards are used for rehab or basic balance drills.  They are typically the safest boards to use.  Basic balance drills can be performed using one or two feet.  In our review of the best balance boards, we considered 2 balance boards in this division.

So now that we had all these boards, we began using them and finding out things we didn’t know.  For instance if you have never been on a balance board, don’t plan on staying up long, especially if you are on a hard surface.  Carpet tends to be more forgiving and it easier to balance on, but even that can be a challenge when your riding the Surfzone Trainer.  Wickedly hard.  Some boards simply will not work in soft grass due to their design and require a hard surface.

We decided that in judging each board we would come up with some categories that eventually would determine the overall winner.  These of course would be subjective and purely our opinion.

Fast And Furious – This category describes movements that can be made on the board in a quick manner.  For speed junkies and thrill seekers these are the board for you.  They offer lots of movement and are great boards for showing off.

Our Top pick in this category goes to Vew-Do, with the Wonkey Board coming in a close 2nd.  Roller Boards are fast and these 2 seemed the fastest and most maneuverable.

Slow And Steady – This category is for those who are just starting out and aren’t ready to come crashing down.  If your looking for a good beginner board that is geared towards rehab and recovery, these are for you.

This is sort of a hard one to judge, so there wasn’t a clear winner.  Each board was very unique and depending on your criteria, you may prefer one vs another.  If you have foot or ankle issues both the Wobble Board and B2R Strength Training System are great.  If are having some balance issues you may opt for the Fitterfirst soft board.

Insanely hard – There can only be one and that prize goes to the SurfZone Balance Board.  We still haven’t mastered this sucker and we guess that is what keeps us wanting more.

Gym Rat – These are boards that would work well in a gym setting without them having to take out a massive insurance policy.

We really like the Fitterfirst Extreme Balance Board because it really pushes you to perform at your best.  It requires a lot of focus, like the Surfzone board, but seems much safer to balance on.

There Can Be Only One.  Just like Highlander we had to choose the best overall balance board and our choice was the Surf Zone balance trainer.  We picked the Surfzone balance board because…well it is just cool leaning against the wall and the retro vibe spoke to us.  The board is awesome and anyone who is the proud owner will agree.  So congratulations to Surf Zone.

For the rest, it’s really boils down to preference.  We highly recommend all the boards we reviewed and if your looking for the biggest selection and probably the most knowledge on the subject of balancing, you should definitely check out Fitterfirst.



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