Belly Bloat ~ What to Eat & What to Avoid


Belly Bloat ~ What to Eat & What to Avoid : A Case of the Buddha Belly!

Belly BloatOh Look at the happy Buddha!  Always smiling and looking fat and happy! Buddha Bellies.  They’re fine… when on a ceramic statue.  But when YOU are sporting a Buddha belly you might not be feeling so enlightened.  Does the Happy Buddha have BELLY BLOAT????!!!  I sure don’t look happy when I have belly bloat.

What IS Belly Bloat?

  • Abdominal distention and swelling sometimes causing pain and major discomfort.
  • Gas and hiccups may accompany belly bloat.
  • Constant feeling of fullness in the abdomen.
  • Pressure in the belly.
  • Retention of water.

What Really Causes Belly Bloat?

*Stay tuned for Foods to AVOID as well as Foods to EAT toward the end of this article! But first some info on what’s going on within:

Sure, you may have some food allergies and intolerance to certain snacks.  Many people do in fact have specific allergies that can lead to an upset stomach.  However, there are many people who are quick to point fingers at a certain food such as wheat, gluten, sugars and such and corner themselves into believing that they really Have an allergy.  Truth is, some of these people may not have such allergies, but instead their gut lining may be overcrowded with bacteria; and not the good kind.  This crowded bacteria or rather the yeast may be the culprit!  Not only that, but there may be a sodium potassium imbalance!  Do you consume too much sodium and not enough water?  Be sure to keep hydrated.  I know, I know, when your belly is full and big, the last thing you want to do is drink water.  You might turn into one big water balloon.  If you drink some sips of water with each meal and keep drinking throughout the day, your bloating may subside (along with some other dietary modifications).

Belly Bloat & Bacteria in the Gut:

We all have bacteria in our guts.  When this bacteria and even yeasts within the gut are out of balance some foods may not fully break down and digest properly.  This in turn can cause foods to ferment and then belly bloat and gas form.

It’s important to have thriving HEALTHY bacteria in the gut to help digest our food.  When we abuse this balance *(by consuming too much processed foods, sugars, alcohols, yeast…) Then our bellies are subject to be in discomfort.  Belly Bloat.  *IT is not to say that foods containing these ingredients are causing the bloating or even that they are the allergens.  It may simply be that your gut and the bacteria in it are out of balance and once you restore that bacterial balance, these foods you once thought to be the enemy may prove to be A. O.K.   Like Mom Says: MODERATION : )


prevent bloating Sugar SUGAR & Sugars!!

Yeast.  Any breads with yeast (some sourdoughs are w/o yeast) Beers…

Vinegars, alcohols, most condiments.

Extra gassy vegetables (eat in moderation until you notice which ones work or don’t work for you)

Molds such as mushrooms, blue cheese and hard aged cheeses.

Foods with too much salt or sodium.


*Super Helpful Tips:  AVOID OVEREATING!! & CHEW your Food Well!!!

Foods to Eat to Help with Belly Bloat:

  • Quinoa!!! This grain is HIGH up on the list!  It offers potassium.
  • Rice
  • Nuts (not salted or sweetened)
  • Fish, Chicken and Meats (no salami though.  too much salt)
  • Oatmeal can help (moderation)
  • Plain Unsweetened Organic Yogurt
  • Eggs
  • Fresh Veggies!!!!!!  Potatoes (reg. & sweet)  Tomatoes are awesome!


Exercise is an EXCELLENT way to Beat the Bloat!  Increase in cardio on a regular basis helps with your blood flow and digestion as well.  This could mean as little as walking in your neighborhood to taking up trail running or getting on the bike and Peddle baby!  Get that heart rate up and make yourself SWEAT!  A great way to detox and let go of some of that water retention.

Other Exercises  & Natural Therapies to help beat belly bloat:

  • Yoga (childs pose and happy baby pose as well as squatting pose)
  • Dancing
  • Abdominal strething
  • Abdominal massage

Bye Bye Belly Bloat.  Happy Belly. Happy Body.  Happy Buddha.  Be Good to Your Belly Be Good to your Body : )


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Hello there! Kathleen Hilker Crandall Speaking! I work as an Independent Pilates/Yoga teacher and Massage Therapist in Austin, Texas. Check out our Service Page for more details on what I offer. I truly love the work that I do and am glad to share with others what I have learned! Move Well. Eat Well & Nourish to Flourish :)


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