Before and After: Posture the Picture


Before and After: Is your posture picture perfect?

Before and After

pos·ture  (pschr)n.

1. a  A position of the body or of body parts: a sitting posture.

 1. b An attitude; a pose: assumed a posture of (insert mood here).

2. A frame of mind affecting one’s thoughts or behavior; an overall attitude.
v. pos·tured, pos·tur·ing, pos·tures
Thank you Free Dictionary for your definitions.
Before the New Year, before the resolutions go into high gear, before you boldly and courageously strip down to your skivvies and stand before your very own reflection to have your iphone hold witness to your lovely figure, fallen figure, gawky bones, high Helens or not so bulging biceps; envision and catch eye with your very own self and make a declaration.  “Before me now, I see…” Be positive, you’ve come this far to make a decision to take action.  Then go on and visualize your future. “After I put forth some effort, I see… “

What is it you want to see? 
How is it you wish to look later on in the year? Three years? 11 years?  These are some major before and afters to watch out for!  How do you wish to feel?  How vibrant and alive do you want to be? How fast do you want your reflection to change?  It can happen and will happen with your dedication and efforts.  Before and After photos are great!  Humbling.  Encouraging.  Sometimes discouraging or pesky reminders that we still have work to do (either physically or with how we think of ourselves).  Before and After photos can also be down right sneaky and misleading!  Can you scout a True before and After?  Sweat and Tears, Discipline and Action, Mental and Physical Dedication.  True documentation of hard work and progress.  Keep snap shooting your before and afters year after year and witness and look back on your very own life transformations.

Above, is an image of a fellow facebook friend and fitness enthusiast
here in Austin, Texas, Corinne Franks Oh, a Beachbody Coach and Mom.  I always enjoy her FB posts because they are funny, quirky, real and thought provoking.  This one from above caught my attention.   Your posture can make you look 10 or more pounds heavier or lighter.  It can make you pretty or frumpy, happy or sad.  With that said, posture and becoming aware of how you carry yourself is BIG. Corinne documented this great example of before and after pictures.  Within minutes or even seconds she stunningly transformed from (her attempt) to look  “frumpy” to that of looking joyful, fit and strong.  A master manipulator of her own posture.

It’s important, that when looking for fitness motivation
and seeing these before and after images of great success… to keep in mind there can be much manipulation.  If you are looking to buy into a diet or fitness program and the big sell or catch is that you too will have this kind of transformation in weeks…just fork over your buckaroos!  Buy me, eat this pill (Please Don’t really eat the Pill), buy this blender, follow this diet, all you have to do is work a little bit and bam boom you’ll see a difference.  Yeah, you will see a difference! With true dedication, commitment and hard work. Many of the fitness and diet programs out there are great programs, but they are the ones that require you to work hard each day month after month.

And please don’t get discouraged when you see someone else’s flab to fab
before and after photo and you think they have had major transformations.  They might have; and then again, maybe they discovered how to altar their posture both physically and mentally just like Corinne’s pictures from above.  Go ahead and try it for Before and Afteryourself.  Take your before and after pic.  Posture down, posture up.   You can change that fast! However, know that for many if not most of us, the true transformations are going to take a lot of work.  Much more than just a few seconds of holding posture for the camera and more than months of hard dedicated work. It’s a lifestyle change.  A few months of dedication is just the beginning and beginning is a must.

I have some before and after images when I first started p90x
last summer and after dedicating three months to the p90x program my after pictures were not incredibly different from my before… I did have a little more muscle definition in my shoulders and abs.  There were small visual changes, but what was more significant for me was the significant transformation of my attitude and outlook on my fitness endeavors.  My energy level and my optimism had elevated. I was for sure stronger than before and more motivated to continue to make daily effort to move my body and keep fit.  My posture certainly changed and I’m even a Pilates teacher who talks about posture daily!  Transformation takes work.  Big work and subtle work alike.

Stay motivated month after month
and notice the little changes on the outside and the even bigger changes from within.  If after one month and after three months you still don’t see major physical changes that you feel you deserve from all that hard work, reassess and continue reaching out for help.  Keep moving.  Keep it up and document the unseen changes that are occurring year after year.

corinneohThank you Corinne for sharing your Playful Posturing Before and After Images!

Corinne has been helping others to establish healthy lifestyles for 24 years as a group fitness instructor. She is also a Beachbody coach, cast member of the Fé Fit DVD exercise series for moms by moms. Corinne is a high school counselor and mother of three. She is most recently studying the Psychology of Eating to merge her interests in mental health and physical health. For a positive message about healthy living follow her on social media:

Happy New Year to you and to your Before and After ‘s!!



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