Barefooters : The Feel Great Shoes


Barefooters : The Feel Great Shoe!

barefootersOoooAhhh My Feet Feel Great! How lucky I am to have found my way to the Barefooters booth this week at the annual Running Event in Austin.  Variety of colors and a unique look drew me in.  These barefooters shoes gave me a slight reminiscence of Crocs but with a sleeker look. The two shoe brands are quite different from one another.  These Barefooters shoes are ‘the new kids on the block.’  Every time I take these bad boys out on the town or wear them around work, I get all sorts of compliments.

The makers of these Feel Great shoes believe that the feeling of “Great”  begins not in the mind, but that it starts in the feet.  This belief ties into Reflexology.  When certain reflex points in the feet are stimulated, the rest of the body and mind begin to feel that Great feeling!  Barefooters shoes were designed to make you feel as though you were barefoot but even better and with added protection and some fashion.  They use their CorksLite material which is combined of cork and silicone.

 Barefooters are Environmentally Friendly!

The material of barefooters shoes are made from this trade mark CorksLite.  CorkslLite material is flexible and will keep your feet warm on cold days given that you wear a pair of socks; and will keep your feet protected from pavement on hot days.  The CorksLite material is also shock absorbing and antimicrobial, so your feet won’t stink!  These shoes are also machine washable.  I hand washed mine with some hand soap and warm water.  It took just a couple of minutes before they were practically new again.

CorksLite is only one cool  aspect of these feel great shoes.  Wait til you slip into a pair of these shoes and feel the Ooooahhh feel of the reflexology insoles.  They really really do feel so great!  The insole provides some cushion and much reflex stimulation throughout the foot.

I wear these barefooters shoes for several hours while massaging my clients and I also wear them around the house or when I go out for a casual walk around Austin.  With that said, I do think there is feetsomething to these shoes.  I’ve tested out various reflex insoles from some health food stores, but I never really liked them.  Maybe it’s the whole package or maybe it’s the specific brand, but certain parts of my feet feel more awake and less tense when I wear my Barefooters.  The rest of my body feels fine too.  I don’t notice a huge difference with the rest of my body and well being other than simply being happy to wear these fun shoes.   I definitely do not get any pain or fatigue like I sometimes do when I wear other shoes that lack good support. My feet feel a good deal of stimulation from the insoles and I have to say that I believe the rest of my body does reap some benefits.  These days I’m paying much more attention to my feet and what shoes I wear.  They truly do have great impact on our entire body and well being.

Barefooters shoes are also made in Italy!  Something about that makes me appreciate them much more.  They are unique, comfortable, practical and effective.  There is also an interchangeable strap that you can switch out depending upon your color mood.  I have the white shoes which I like and they go well with just about everything.  They also have many other colors to choose from, be it orange, yellow, pink, green, black and Moon Dust!

Try these shoes out for yourself!  Go to Barefooters website to learn more and to purchase your own!

Barefooters go for $100.00  To some, this may be pricy, but I think well worth it.  It’s a great shoe AND a foot massage all in one!



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