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JetBoil Sol Ti Camping StoveSo you want to hit the great outdoors and do a little more than running and cycling.  Well for those more adventurous souls, camping and backpacking might just be the ticket.  Having the right gear will make things even more enjoyable, so today we are going to talk about backpacking and camping stoves.  Camping stoves come in many forms from ultra light to table top versions.  They burn various fuel sources and based on what your doing, you may prefer one over another.

For those who enjoy walking for hours and then setting up camp in the middle of nowhere, the ultra light and integrated stoves are probably your best choice.  They are light, pack easily and work great.

Ultra Light Stoves
These can be mounted on top of a fuel canister (isobutane / propane canister) or off to the side.  They are super light and pack up nicely.   The Ultra Light Stoves usually can be purchased for $30-$100.

Light Weight Camping and Backpacking Stoves

Optimus Coleman Fire-Maple Stoves

Snow Peak New Lite Max

Dimensions: 3.88 in. diameter by 4.0 in. tall
Weight: 2 oz. without canister
Fuel: isobutane / propane canister
Canister Dimensions: 3.5 in. diameter by 2.6 in. tall

Primus ClassicTrail™ Stove
Dimensions: 4.9 in. diameter by 4.9 in.
Weight: 8 oz.
Fuel: isobutane / propane canister
Canister Dimensions: 3.5 in. diameter by 2.6 in. tall

Integrated Stoves
These are larger combination stoves that burn fuel more efficiently due to their design.  The integrated stoves come with some type of wind shield as well as a enhanced channeling system for heating up the stoves.  Most of the integrated stoves can house a fuel canister when not in use or when traveling.  These have a higher price point, since they also include a cooking pot.  The downside is they are also a bit more bulky than the Ultra Lights.

Jetboil PCS
Cooking pot: 32 oz.
Dimensions: 4.1 in. diameter by 7.1 in. tall
Weight: 15 oz. without canistermsrreactor camping backpacking stove
Fuel: isobutane / propane canister
Canister Dimensions: 3.5 in. diameter by 2.8 in. tall

MSR Reactor
Cooking pot: 55 oz.
Dimensions: 6 in. diameter by 7.5 in. tall
Weight: 19 oz. without canister
Fuel: isobutane / propane canister
Canister Dimensions: 4.4 in. diameter by 3.5 in. tall

One thing to note is the isobutane fuel, depending on temperatures, can be a problem during really cold days.  Most people solve this by flipping the canister over and having it become more of a fuel canister rather than a gas.  Unfortunately the Jetboil and MSR Reactor above don’t have an option for doing that.

Car Camping
For those who love to car camp by pulling over to a spot, setting up the tent and enjoying nature, you options are pretty limitless, since stove size and weight aren’t really a concern.

Here is a list of known manufactures of light weight camping stoves

As far as our personal favorite.  The MSR Reactor stove is pretty awesome.


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