Chances are, if you live outside of the state of Texas, you might not have heard of Airrosti.

Airrosti, as a company, has only been around since 2004.  The Airrosti assessment, diagnosis, and treatment model grew from a small handful of practitioners who then formed the company.  The Airrosti model itself has been around and changing for about 20 years. The initial plan was to focus efforts in Texas to build existing practices up to full books before going elsewhere.

So what exactly is Airrosti and why should you know about it?  Well Airrosti is a new form of treatment for sports related injuries.  The Airrosti assessment, diagnosis, and treatment model specifically addresses the connective tissue systems in the body and provides the appropriate directed manual strokes, pressures, and movements along with neuromuscular re-education and therapeutic activity in order to treat what Airrosti practitioners find.

If you’r looking for some type of comparison, then Airrosti might be compared to   ‘myofascial release,’ except it is so much more than anything else out there and the therapy is performed in a completely different manner.  As far as theory goes behind the Airrosti treatment, there is plenty of evidence in peer reviewed journals out there that support the idea that fascial tissue is the limiting factor in musculoskeletal injuries.

As you may or may not know, fascia has no blood supply and is avascular, therefore T1 and T2 weight images, CT scans, and X-rays cannot image fascia. Muscle and ligamental tissue are very rich with blood and as such heal very quickly, plus, they are more tensile than fascial tissue, more elastic. Airrosti aims to take this injured fascial tissue and re-align it correctly within the body to facilitate fast healing and prevention of chronic injuries. The benefits patients enjoy immediately from our treatment (which we do a functional outcome assessment at the end of every treatment) are things like increased range of motion, increased stability, increased strength, and decreased pain.

What makes Airrosti so different?

  • Great Surgical Alternative for Soft Tissue Injuries
  • Eliminates Unnecessary Imaging, Injections, Pharmaceuticals & Other Costly Procedures
  • Quality 1-on-1 Patient Time for an Entire Hour
  • Individualized Time with Provider Leads to More Accurate Diagnosis & Treatment
  • Patients Return to Pain-Free Activity Usually within 3 Visits


Airrosti does have some competition including
The Graston Technique
Gua Sha Technique

How Can Airrosti Help?

  • Detailed examination to diagnose the true injury
  • Individualized 1-on-1 hands-on soft tissue therapy
  • Instruction in an active rehabilitation program
  • K-Tape to enhance & accelerate the recovery process
  • Average number of Airrosti visits to resolve this condition – 3.7 (based on historical outcomes)


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Tom Crandall

Totally into multi-sports including triathlon, swimming, cycling, running skating and movement in general. Love to trail run and hang outdoors.


    • My husband and my son have had treamtment as well as countless high school athletes we know and IT WORKS! And quickly!

  1. The new age chiropractors , that’ s all it is…check out their titles. Chances are you have never heard of it, check more and you get chiropractors. They can practice only in certain states as of now…

    • Have you been to Airrosti? Yes, the doctors are all are chiros, but they go through extensive training after getting their Doctorate of Chropractic to become Airrosti certified. I have been to Airrosti, I was a skeptic at first as well but the results speak for themselves and I am now an advocate.

  2. Is it new age? Maybe. However, the knowledge of the human body is continually evolving. Chiropractors have a more extensive hands on knowledge of the human body. They are already trained in many of the different aspects of helping the body heal itself. Airrosti employs Chiropractors main due to those facts. The methods Airrosti uses takes typical chiropractic and accelerates the outcomes by addressing the soft tissues, biomechanical functioning and skeletal alignment as one unit. Whereas, traditional chiropractic only focuses on one or two of these problems.

    For the last 7 years I have suffered from continual loss of strength in my left hand. It wasn’t until I found a chiropractor that uses the same basic methods as Airrosti that I have experienced a gradual return of my strength. Until you experience exactly what these Doctors do or can do for you and your overall health and performance you shouldn’t write them off.

  3. They bought the secret fascia release from susan grisham who stole it from a doctor she worked for, created a new name for it now everyone in the company claim to be experts at fascia release. I like chiros but some in that company tell patients they know more than MD’s and have the abilities to somehow see through soft tissue….

  4. My son had his first treatment yesterday and I’m impressed. I went to a chiropractor for several years for a back injury and ultimately healed back to 85% without any surgery. I consider that a success. The folks at Airrosti take a two-part approach to treatment, unlike a chiropractor. Yes, you have manipulation of the soft tissue, but it’s followed up with extensive therapy with a PT, something you don’t get at the usual chiro office. Also, chiro usually recommends bed rest where Airrosti keeps you “in the game”.

    • Hi Daniel, can you expand on this as far as your background knowledge about Airrosti and A.M.I.T?

      I am curious to know more – thanks!

  5. Say what you want, but airrosti is the most amazing physical therapy. My back was injured in a car wreck to the point I couldn’t walk long enough to shop at the mall more than 20 minutes. 3 weeks into airrosti, my back was 90% pain free. Its incredible what these doctors can do whether they’re chiros or not. I would suggest airrosti to anyone who wants to get better as soon as possible. I tried 4 months of physical therapy before this and had many shots in my back but nothing worked. Go to airrosti! 🙂

  6. aaron corley on

    Whats with people making comments about Arrosti being New Age?

    There is nothing spiritual about Arrosti. Its about helping people with musculoskeletal injuries. Whoever made the comment clearly is ignorant

  7. I came to Arrosti to solve a pain my shoulder / neck area. I had already been to a chiro and this was little different than anything he did. After making me worse in two visits, I complained and they just gave up and sent me on the an orthopedic DO. A regular chiro would do just as well. Be leery. On the bright side they were nice, but if you have multiple areas of concern, they won`t adress them all at once in order to stretch out your visits/ expense..

    • Tom Crandall
      Tom Crandall on


      I think everyone is quite different and your experience and how your body reacted might not have been able to be healed with Arrosti treatment. Maybe it was the practitioner who tried to treat you. It could be that you had other things going on besides what could be solved in a few sessions.

      Jim Lee (A Chiropractor) who sometimes writes on EndTheTrendNow has treated patients who have had years of chronic issues and within a few sessions helped eliminate many of their problems. It could be your issues were more inline with needing a Chiropractic adjustment rather than Arrosti.

  8. I’m new to the airrosti concept of treatment and I’m wondering if it is recommended for people with fibromyalgia? Or with arthritis? These are not necessarily injuries due to sports related activities nor to car accidents, but just chronic pain in many areas. I’m open to comments and/or ideas.

    • Tom Crandall

      Hi Catherine,

      From my experience Airrosti is more for injuries rather than for long term chronic issues.

      I would opt for doing things that will improve muscle development and flexibility. Kathleen teaches both Pilates and Yoga, plus is a massage therapist and those activities would IMO be better alternatives to Airrosti in your situation.

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