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Airope – Trendy New Toy or Gimmick

A new type of jump rope that really isn’t a jump rope at all, called the Airope has appeared on the market. The Airope by Power Systems is basically a two handle set, with each handle having a small rope attached to a ball.  The design allows a user to simulate jump rope exercises without having to worry about actually skipping.  For those who are not experienced jump roping or want to workout in their home, the Airope might actually be a great training tool.  Since there is no worrying about the rope getting caught up in your feet or hitting something in the house, the jump rope seems to fit it’s exercise niche perfectly.

The Airope is designed to intensify many traditional exercises by incorporating arm and shoulder work.  You can use it alone or combine it with other equipment for greater versatility. There are two types of Airopes.  The rope on the PRO is thicker providing more rotational resistance than the Original.

My opinion is the Airope has it’s niche market and can certainly be used to spice up an exercise routine or to simulate jump roping, but there is still no replacing a traditional jump rope for a kick butt workout.  When looking for a traditional jump rope you can either go weighted or speed.

Would I use the Airope in my own workouts, well, time will tell on that.  I do plan on contacting Power Systems to see if they would send out a review sample.  I do like the overall concept.   It would be nice to jump rope inside without worrying about the rope hitting something.

Where to buy:
Retails for: $34.95

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