John Le

Welcome to  My name is John Le.  In contrast to Tom, I haven’t been into fitness my entire life.  I was on a workout kick here and there but they never lasted longer than six months.   Then I had a moment when things needed to change.

It took one photo from a vacation I took in 2010 to make me change my mind.  I was 28 at the time, and I just felt horrible the first time I saw the picture on the screen of my laptop.  It was the first time I really saw myself; it was the first time in my life that I felt like I really wasn’t taking care of myself.  So I finally got in my mindset that losing weight and keeping it off wasn’t going to require a fad diet or the latest and greatest exercise scheme.  Maintaining wellness was going to require a lifestyle change.

So first step first; become more active.   I decided I needed to meet more active people, and I needed to find something recreationally that I could associate myself with.

I met Tom Crandall while working on a project.  I was first amazed when Tom told me his real age compared to the way he looks.  Tom and I quickly became good friends and I am constantly amazed at what Tom can do due to his amazing athleticism.  After knowing Tom, I felt he pushed me past my plateau.

I became an Olympic-style Weightlifter (Oly Lifting for short) after meeting my current oly lifting coach, Oleg Kechko.  Oly Lifters utilize strength, flexibility and technique to lift a bar loaded with weight over their head in a standing position.  It takes an incredible amount of coordination and body control to get weight from the ground to roughly 7feet in the air.  There are two particular lifts that Oly Lifters use to compete – the Snatch and the Clean & Jerk (teehee!).  What amazed me about this type of lifting, other than their double entendre names, is that these are athletic lifts.  A typical snatch is from the ground and into the air, overhead, in less than 5 seconds.  When viewed in slow motion, the snatch is incredibly graceful.  The Clean and Jerk, on the other hand is a two part lift.  The first part, the Clean, lifts the bar from the ground into a standing position with the bar racked across your deltoids/clavicles.  The Jerk follows in which the bar is shoved explosively from the shoulders overhead into a standing position.  My personal records, at the time of this writing, are 88Kg (194.48lbs) in the Snatch and 125Kg  (276.25lbs) in the Clean and Jerk.

Over the past couple of years I went to being a blob to looking and feeling much better than I did before.  I decided to join Tom on because I wanted to share my story and continue my quest on being a much healthier person.  I wanted to share the amazing world of fitness out there, and separate the fads from the things that work.  I also enjoy providing a different, contrasting perspective to Tom’s view.

So what do I do besides spending my time in the gym? I enjoy playing video games, gadgets (especially fitness gadgets!) and spending time with friends and family.   I like being a social person and enjoy connecting with people from all walks of life.

If you made it this far on my bio, then thank you for your time.  I hope I can provide something useful to you over time.

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