5 Tools for Treating Plantar Fasciitis


Here is the lowdown on some of the best gear and tools for treating plantar fasciitis.

Plantar FasciitisPlantar fasciitis symptoms usually consist of heel pain when first getting out of bed and can continue throughout the day. The injury can be really annoying, discomforting and totally ruin your training plans. There are many treatments for the plantar fasciitis and most consist of just treating the foot, which really doesn’t solve the problem.
1. Trigger Point Foot & Lower Leg Kit (retails $109.99)

The best treatment by far is one prescribed by Trigger Point Performance Therapy (TPTherapy.com).  The treatment involves deep tissue massage to the back area and sides of the lower leg/calf, where the problem of plantar fasciitis most likely exists.

Trigger Point Lower Leg Kit

2. Birkenstock Shoes (retails $99 – $300)

Having a good set of shoes is crucial to plantar fasciitis recovery.  Birkenstock footbeds are made of cork and natural latex, and contoured in the shape of a healthy foot. These contours ensure proper weight distribution with raised arches to help support the foot’s natural shape and structure. The toe bar allows the toes to grip and flex, stimulating circulation, exercising the leg, and helping to maintain balance. The deep heel cup keeps the foot’s natural padding under the heel to provide stability. As a result of these factors, the correct bones bear the weight of the body to keep the spine and legs in alignment.

Since I have plantar fasciitis, I am heeding my own advice and opted for a set of the Birkenstock Maine olive suede and a set of Arizonas in iron oiled leather.  I wear the Birkenstock Maines to work, since the are a little more dressy for Birkenstocks and have the Arizonas for walking around the house.

Plantar Fasciitis Birkenstock

For those that like to venture outdoors near water, I highly recommend the Chacos as another alternative or in addition to Birkenstock.  What is really cool about purchasing a Chaco sandal, beyond purchasing a great shoe, is you can actually customize it.  Here is my rendition of a really cool color combo yellow/orange Chacos.

Chacos Plantar Fasciitis

3. Born To Run B2R Strength Training (Retails $64 – $84 Depending on training package)

Coach Eric Orton has developed a Born To Run (B2R) program to strengthen and stretch the foot for proper running technique.  Many leg and foot injuries can crop up because the foot is often neglected.  B2R’s program and props helps strengthen the foot and upper core musscles to help eliminate things like plantar fasciitis.
Born To Run B2R Strength Training
4. Yamuna Foot Walkers/Yamuna® Foot Fitness (retails $64.95)

Here is fantastic product called Yamuna Foot Walkers.  The Foot Wakers help creaete flexibility in the foot.  The program gives you simple proactive tools and solutions that can help you alleviate pain and prevent it.  Many people who have had plantar fasciitis report really positive results after utilizing the Yamuna method, so much so that their plantar fasciitis issues disappear.

Yamuna Foot Walkers

5. Footlog (retails $19.99)

FootLog was initially designed to relieve foot pain and plantar fasciitis. The bumps increase circulation as well as give you a massage.



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