Top 5 Massage Tools of 2015


Top 5 Massage Tools for your aches and pains.

Need a little kneading?   Check out Top 5 massage tools of 2015.  This past winter Tom and I (well mostly myself) had the luxury of testing out some feel good products.  What a difficult job to test out massage tools!  As a massage therapist and a Pilates teacher I’m constantly on the look out for quality products that my clients can benefit from.  And being fairly athletic, I’m also constantly seeking out massage tools to help with my own achy muscles.  These are some of my favorite massage tools that I discovered this past year; and in no particular order:


tStick by Tensergo ~

top 5 massage tools

The tStick

The tSticLocal to Austin.  I met the creators of this effective massage tool.  They are Physical therapists, Pilates teachers, massage therapists.  It’s their job to know what hurts, where and why and not to mention all the how to’s of releasing aches and pains.  I like the tStick.  It’s clean, simple and offers variety.    The balls are firm, but soft enough for those who prefer to ease into tense spots.  They also move depending on how much space you want or need.The tStick is a friendly massage tool that offers great relief without “digging in too deep”.  I’ve tested it out with many of my clients with only pleased responses.  The coolest thing about this massage tool besides its effectiveness, is that it’s like an all inclusive whatever ails you (muscularly) magic stick.  There are numerous ways of using this gadget.  They also make a small version and I love this for my neck and skull!

Tensegro has great information on how to use the tStick. Be sure to click on the images that best describe your areas of pain and try out some of their suggestions.  My favorite are the tips for relieving low back and Psoas pain.

You can get the Tensergo tStick massage tool online for $34 – $39.

For more information check out Tensergo.

Posture Curve ~

Massage tool

Posture curve

As I’m writing this review, I have my posture curve propped up behind me and massaging and supporting my back.  If you could see me now!  Eyes like Buddha. I often times have tight back muscles up and down either side of my spine.  Much of this is due to my posture and having weaker muscles skipping out on their job. Yes, even Pilates teacher and massage therapists have their moments.  When I saw this massage tool at TRE (The Running Event) in Austin this past winter, I was immediately drawn to it.  If you’re drawn to a firm and specific pressure, this tool is for you.  If you slouch all day at your desk, this is for you too.

When you place it behind you, the points press on either side of your spine.  The pressure provides feedback to your pelvis and spine and helps your spine to find it’s natural curves.  Of course you can dig into it and reap benefits of a trigger point type of massage while your sitting at your desk, (your coworkers might wonder why you’re squirming and ooing and ahing in your seat) but if you place the posture curve so that the points are on either side of your low back and you lean back into your chair, voila, you find your natural curve in your low back.  Superb relief from the norm of rounding and slumping forward.

If you wish to get more intense with it, lie down.  Be forewarned though, the Posture Curve is hard and offers no cushion.  Low back pain is often associated with tightness in the glutes as well.  Place the Posture Curve at tender spots on the hips and simply breathe while the tension releases.  This is no joke.  For those of you who like specific work and deep therapeutic relief,  I do recommend this tool.  For those who recoil at the thought of pressure points, you may have to work your way up to using this tool for trigger point work.

The Posture Curve also partnered up with the makers of The Stick and The Trigger Wheel.  Both are equally great massage tools to have on hand or keep in the office.  I especially like the Trigger Wheel.  You can throw it in your purse.

*The Posture Curve, The Stick and The Trigger Wheel are not new to 2015, but new to me and perhaps new to you.

Learn more about the Posture curve.     You can order you Posture Curve for under $35.

QPoint ~

top 5 massage tools

Qball Massage tool

QPoint Workout Recovery balls are hot!   When heated in a microwave, these massage balls heat up.   They only need to be heated up for 30 seconds to a minute and even after taking them out of the microwave, they continue to warm up for a while.  The heat is a comforting kind of heat and allows your muscles to melt.

What about cold therapy?  What if your muscles do better with ice?  No problem with the QPoint.  These suckers can be placed in the freezer for a couple hours and then are ready to soothe your aches.

The QPoint is a clean a simple tool.  For those who have a microwave that has a turn table, this is an excellent choice.  If you don’t have a microwave, then you miss out on the heating aspect, but you can still use it for cold therapy and standard pressure point therapy.

Prices range from $9.99 to $36.99.

Learn more about QPoint.


enso Roller ~

enso roller

Top 5 massage tools

Watch out Trigger Point… All you orange loving hurt so good foam rolling freaks 🙂  I like the Trigger Point rollers just fine.  There is a place for them.  Perhaps even a daily place for them.  But for some of us, it’s just too hard and dense.  The enso Roller just might be Trigger Points big competitor.  It offers a softer, yet firm cushion that invite your muscles to ease into the hurt so good spots.  Not only is the surface more inviting, but the surface changes!  You can manually move segments of the roller to open up space for your spine so to not put pressure directly on the bones.  I have to say it’s pretty ingenious.  You are not limited with how you can use this massage tool.  You can take segments away or compact them all together to tend to your sore back, tight calves, IT band or quads.

The enso roller is a bit pricier than some other tools out there, but I think it’s a good investment and I think you’ll be pleased.

It retails at $79.95.

Learn more about enso Roller.

 RAD Roller ~

RAD Roller

Top 5 Massage Tools

Last but not least, let me introduce to you the RAD Roller.  Yep, like it’s name, it’s pretty rad.  I got to meet the makers of RAD Roller this past winter in Austin and they were awesome enough… or Rad enough to have me test it out.  I love having options when I’m tending to my own issues or when I’m working with clients with varying muscle aches.  We are all different and not everyone responds the same to one type of massage product.  That’s what’ helpful about this massage kit.  You can sample out numerous techniques and find something that’s right.  Each product has multiple uses.  The block can be used as a yoga or balance block in addition to leveraging the balls to target specific tight spots.  The balls are removable from the block and each is a little different from the other.  There’s a small ball which I find great for hand work and specific foot tightness like plantar fasciitis.  The singular green ball is helpful with hamstring attention and general foot rolling, though there are many other ways you can use it.  There’s also a double ball.  These are connected and I like to place it under my sacrum while lying down to target pesky glutes.

The Kit also includes a hard thin stick. This stick is able to roll as you glide it up and down the muscle.  It’s a great choice if you like firmer therapy.  We’re not done yet!  Something I haven’t seen yet on the massage tool market is the ability to place the stick inside a larger massage surface.  This adds a friendly touch and support and is nice enough to invite those who like it more gentle.

I could go on with the uses of the RAD Roller.  Learn more.  This kit runs $158.00.  Not bad for so many tools.  Of course you can pick and choose and get single products for as low as $16.

So many options, so many styles and even though only one of them is RAD, they all are rad!!



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